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Chinese triumph in last Badminton Superseries championship of the year

Chinese teen sensations Jia Yefan and Chen Qingchen have beaten the current world no. 1 women’s doubles pair, Misaki Matsutomo and Ayaka Takahashi, in a major upset at the latest BWF Superseries championship in Dubai. Although the field of badminton women’s doubles has long been dominated by Chinese players,  Matsutomo/Takahashi’s no. 1 ranking marks one of the … Continue reading

What’s your sports personality?
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What’s your sports personality?

Sports can reveal a lot about somebody’s personality. Famous tennis coach Vic Braden came up with a way to analyse the “brain types” of his players, based loosely on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. He identified that Roger Federer is an “NT,” an Intuitive Thinker. This enabled him to tailor his coaching style to suit the type who likes solutions, … Continue reading