Doubles Communication (Part 2)

Good communication throughout the match can help sustain a partnership through even the most difficult match. Even if it’s just a high five, body language speaks volumes about on-court partnerships.

Control of your body language requires mental toughness. Even if you’re upset, frustrated or bored, you want to have the positive belief than you are strong and you can win.

When discouraged players express negative feelings, loss is an inevitable conclusion in their mind. But hang in there, it’s a game of errors and anything can happen until the last point is over.  If you give up on yourself or your team, then you’ll have already lost.

When I’m down, I show a calm demeanor. That’s the only feeling I want my opponents to see. That’s the only face I want my partner to see.  Those calm feelings are the only ones I want myself to feel.

Also, good sportsmanship involves not communicating anything negative to your opponents, referees or partner.  Don’t shout, roll your eyes, shake your head or whinge, even if you think it’s justified. It takes a confident person to communicate reasonably and with common sense under the most intense situations.

Do show positive body language.  Pull your shoulders back, keep your head high. Don’t glare at your partner or your opponents. Stay focused on the shuttle and making the connection between your racket and the shuttle.

And lastly, if you do lose, reflect on what you did well, what could be improved and remember it’s just one badminton match


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