A warm up routine (part 2)

Anybody who is active faces a possible chance of injury. Many injuries, such as muscle strains and tendonitis, are preventable with a quick and simple warm up routine. In Part 1 we looked at some activities to prepare the body for badminton-specific movement.

In part 2 we’ll look at the order of shots to play when you can walk on court to have a hit. This is a suggested order since everybody has their own preferences and the order is probably less important than whether you do them or not. Below is a list of shots:

  1. Clears: To develop a rhythm and consistency
  2. Drops: To establish your “touch” for the shuttlecock and to connect the legs, torso, shoulder, forearms and wrist
  3. Smashes: To get the feel for the angle and placement of your smashes.
  4. Drives: To get your reflexes going
  5. Net play: To develop your feel for the shuttlecock

Creating a smooth transition from the warm-up to a sport-specific activity is key to preventing injuries, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Just remember there is no set routine that works for everyone. Each player has different strengths and weaknesses.

A healthy balanced diet can help with performance, as well as good hydration during and after the game. Think of your body as an engine. If it has adequate fuel (food and water) it can sustain the intensity you want for your badminton game.

Water is perfect for short or low intensity matches. For longer and more intense sessions (60 minutes or more), milk or sports drinks may help enhance performance. Note these drinks contain additional carbohydrates, electrolytes and kilojoules should be used according to sports nutrition guidelines for maximum benefit.

Use the simple warm-up activities listed above as a quick guide to help keep you injury-free and focused on your game.


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