Badminton infographic: elements of movement

Badminton can be an intense sport and to generate maximum power it puts cardiovascular and metabolic stress on the entire body. This fun infographic looks at sports science studies by the National Sports of Institute of Malaysia that have aimed to improve training methods for elite badminton players

badminton movement


Ooi C.H. and Sidek, M. 2009. Physiological Strain in World Class Women Badminton Player during Training and Competition: A Case Study, ISN Bulletin Vol 3, pp. 1-11
Ooi, C.H., Tan, A., Ahmad, A., Kwong, K.W., Sompong, R., Mohd Ghazali, K.A., Liew, S.L., Chai, W.J. and Thompson, M.W., 2009. Physiological characteristics of elite and sub-elite badminton players. Journal of sports sciences, 27(14), pp.1591-1599


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