What I carry in my badminton bag


Let’s face it, a badminton bag is not a necessity. What having a bag shows is that I’m serious about my gear, I have alot of stuff to carry and and I like to spend on bags.

Does size matter? My friend says so. He has a 15 racquet bag and it weighs a tonne because of all the stuff he stores in it. He knows he doesn’t need 12 racquets, 2 pairs of shoes and a skipping rope for a 2 hr club session. But it’s the only place he can store his kit.

My bag has a large capacity but I try to carry the minimum to reduce the weight. Even then, my bag contains:

  • A pair of badminton shoes
  • 3 racquets
  • A tube of shuttles
  • Water bottle (glass, BPA free etc)
  • Keys, wallet, phone
  • Spare set of strings, spare overgrip,
  • Scissors
  • Muesli bars and fruit
  • Change of clothes
  • Bandaids, alcohol swabs, tissues, pads, mirror…

The stuff accumulates I tell you. The law of bags dictates that the bigger the bag, the more stuff you will carry. I’ve seen kids carry badminton bags that are almost the same size as them. It’s cute actually, like seeing a bag walking past with little feet.

Do people take notice of your bag? Some do, others don’t care. I initially hesitated to get a badminton bag because I didn’t want to be considered one of those players “with all the gear and no idea”. Looking back, it didn’t really matter and I’d advise anyone in that situation to do whatever suits your purpose and budget.

I bought my Victor bag because I was attracted to the design and colour. Packing my bag makes me feel prepared and gives me confidence. I later found out the model was used by the Korean National Team in 2014. It was a happy discovery. Another reason to love it!


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