Equipment review / Strings

A guide to badminton strings

Many years ago badminton wooden racquet frames were strung with natural gut. Such strings were typically made from thin twisted strips of sheep or beef intestines. In modern times, synthetic materials have largely replaced natural gut. Natural gut string is still available from Babolat but it has become increasingly rare and costly. Its main disadvantages are that it … Continue reading

Badminton coaching / Player interviews

Insights from a badminton head coach

Badminton coaches are an influential group in the badminton community. They are amongst the most frequent and familiar faces on court and their work is essential to maintain and develop badminton talent. Given that coaches have to deal with a cross-section of players, students, and sports administrators and other coaches, they sometimes encounter challenges. Let’s find out from … Continue reading

My experience with online badminton shopping
Equipment review / Shopping / Social badminton

My experience with online badminton shopping

Until recently I’ve rarely needed to shop online for badminton gear. I’ve been able to develop relationships through mutual trust and respect, and these have allowed me to obtain my gear at a decent price. What’s driven me online is the lack of choice in women’s badminton clothing and shoes. It’s an ongoing challenge to … Continue reading

Psychology / sports psychology

Mind your language: sports writing

You may jokingly refer to your racquet as a ‘weapon’ or ‘sword.’  But beneath the humour is respect and appreciation for the extraordinary feats that individuals can achieve if they possess enough determination and resilience. The language of sports is rich in idioms, allusions and metaphors and it touches our inner yearning for stories of … Continue reading