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Insights from a badminton head coach

Badminton coaches are an influential group in the badminton community. They are amongst the most frequent and familiar faces on court and their work is essential to maintain and develop badminton talent. Given that coaches have to deal with a cross-section of players, students, and sports administrators and other coaches, they sometimes encounter challenges. Let’s find out from … Continue reading

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Chinese triumph in last Badminton Superseries championship of the year

Chinese teen sensations Jia Yefan and Chen Qingchen have beaten the current world no. 1 women’s doubles pair, Misaki Matsutomo and Ayaka Takahashi, in a major upset at the latest BWF Superseries championship in Dubai. Although the field of badminton women’s doubles has long been dominated by Chinese players,  Matsutomo/Takahashi’s no. 1 ranking marks one of the … Continue reading

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Badminton strings and tension

Badminton strings and tension are a great icebreaker topic among badminton folk. If you ask around, you’ll find everybody has a different opinion on the best string and tension combo. The major commercial badminton brands provide a guide to the range of strings available. Several blogs from the UK, USA and Malaysia offer a guide to strings for beginner, intermediate and advanced level. My experience has been one … Continue reading