Where to play badminton in Sydney

Where to play

There are many multi-purpose and custom badminton courts around Sydney, and below is a non-exhaustive list. The grey-colour icons are high schools which are suitable to hire for regular and larger (10+) groups like for training.

If you’re a small group wanting to hire an individual court, I’d recommend checking out an RSL club or uni sports centre nearby. They typically have multi-purpose sports halls and an online booking function or phone number to book over the phone. Courts tend to be booked out by other groups so book as early as you can.

The badminton courts at Lidcombe, Silverwater and Homebush are good in the sense that they have better non-slip matting and lighting than multi-purpose halls. With the exception of Olympic Park, they’re located in light industrial areas that aren’t easily accessible by public transport. Parking is good.

When to play

Court hire prices can be higher at peak times, typically week nights after 6pm and weekends all day. Improve your chances of getting a court by booking in advance. Alternatively, you can join a regular social session which has allocated courts. The trade-off is that you may not get as many games as you desire, or with people that you prefer. Something to note, when friendship groups form at a social session they often exclude others and form a clique. It looks snobby to observers and often depends on the club culture. Sometimes it reflects standards of play, but more often it’s about friendship when friends like to stick with their group. I’ve written a post about getting on court for newcomers.

Most courts close by 11pm – sadly this isn’t Asia. When the lights start to turn off, the people running the centre take the nets come down and begin sweeping away feathers and debris, it’s time to pack up. They want to go home too.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll endeavour to help!


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